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1.25”- 3” Watts 009 Series Check Module Disassembly and Reassembly Tool.

June 30, 2018

Experience has taught me that rubber kits are a waste of time and money when repairing module type check valves with plastic seats. The assembly may pass after the installation of a rubber kit, but it rarely brings the assembly back up to factory specifications that are shown on the manufacturers flowchart. For this reason 98% of the time I replace the entire module. However there are times when there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the module except for it needing a cleaning and a thorough inspection, this is where this simple homemade tool comes in handy.

I’m only in my 50s but I rarely have been able to get the 1.25” and larger 009 #1 check module apart, and when I have I was not able to get it back together. So I used  items around the house to make a tool that makes this a simple process that I will be able to do when I’m in my 70s.

Watts 009 #1Watts 009 #2Watts 009 #3 (2)Watts 009 #4 (1)It’s simply a socket taped to a clamp.

Just put a couple drops of food grade lubricant on the area of the cage that the seat locks into and use a jar opener to twist and lock the seat into place. You can quickly clean and inspect the seat, poppet, disc, etc.

Remember a proper repair will bring the assembly up to factory specifications. If your repair only makes the assembly barely pass the minimum guidelines it is not a proper repair and you should rebuild it again until you get it right. Every now and again you’re going to get an assembly that’s going to kick your butt. Just stay calm and stick with it and through perseverance you will get it right.


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