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Unapproved Backflow Assembly Modification

October 18, 2014

Improper installation at a tanker fill station ILLPhoto compliments of Redwood Backflow, Redmond Washington. 

This is an unapproved modification to a backflow assembly for a commercial tanker fill station.

The equipment circled in this photograph should have been installed downstream of shutoff valve #2 where the arrow is pointing. Currently the device is installed between test cock #3 and test cock #4.

This backflow assembly failed the backflow test; however there is no way of knowing if this assembly is failing because of a bad check valve,  or as a result of the unapproved improper installation. The backflow assembly should be disassembled and reassembled properly before an accurate backflow test can be made.

As a certified backflow assembly tester you must mark this as an improper installation and explain why in the remarks section on your test report. You are required to “inspect” as well as “test” the assembly. Your test report is a legal document, when filled out properly it will protect you from liability.

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