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Secrets of the Successful Backflow Testing Companies

May 1, 2016


Fellow backflow testers ask me how I find time to run a business and find time to be a full-time single father with a dog and cat. I tell them it’s quite simple, I use Bat Database the only full-featured backflow testing software on the market today. The software was designed by a retired software engineer who is also a very successful certified backflow assembly tester. The product has grown into the premier #1 backflow testing software program in the world thanks to input from backflow testing companies through out the country over the last 10 years. There are many new backflow testing software choices out there these days that are trying to imitate Bat Database, but really they’re not much more than a $1.99 app when it comes to usefulness & features. Their developers simply do not have the knowledge base or the experience Bat Database developers have.

I am not affiliated with Bat Database and this is not an ad; I am only one of many extremely satisfied customers. I truly care about the backflow industry and believe it will thrive with good quality honest backflow testing men and women using the best possible tools and software available. Click on link to go to: and watch some training videos to see for yourself!


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